Chaplain’s Corner 2-17-2016

“To everything there is a season…”. So the poet of Ecclesiastes writes.  Our unusually mild winter is encouraging peaches and Red Buds to bloom early.  Winter vegetables are getting a shot of mild warm air so they are stretching ever higher toward the sun.  Tgarden in winterhis is a season, to be followed by another, then another.  Even in our warm to hot/flooding to drought, changes of weather we see that life is different, constantly changing.

And that’s what we do at HealthSense.  We help people deal with those highly personal painful changes, help them realize that this is normal even though their individual lives are forever changed.  We can’t make them like it.  We can, however, take away some of the fear by helping them see what will happen next. And if we can help them find joy and gratitude, then we have done very well indeed.

Know you are blessed,


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