Chaplain’s Corner 3-1-2016

i-have-learned-that-faith-means-trusting-in-advanceA chaplain hears a lot of stories. You could say it’s what we get paid for – which makes the work that much more a blessing.  When I hear the reflections of the remarkable people we get to serve there are several common threads that run throughout.  One of those is the realization that there has been purpose to their lives far different than they had imagined in their youth.  Each had visions and hopes for something they would do or become, yet none of them fulfilled those dreams. Instead of being disappointed, they realized that they had been blessed by a guiding hand that was only visible by looking back on their lives through the lens of gratitude.

Whenever something I planned goes cockeyed, I find that letting go of what I wanted lets me see that there was something better all along.

The inspiration that pushes us has its own purpose.  But we can only see it when we stop to see the path we have already traveled.

Know you are blessed,


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