Spiritual Care

Spiritual Support

The term “spiritual” has different meaning to everyone. We recognize that a spiritual life has evolved for each of us.  You may or may not have experienced a sensation beyond yourself, a sense of order in the the place god calls you touniverse, a feeling of purpose in living, or a sense of connection with everything. Spirituality can also include the organizing set of beliefs, values, hopes, and yearnings, by which you make sense of the frequently chaotic elements of life.

Our seminary trained Chaplains believe that everyone is “spiritual” to varying degrees regardless of your religious affiliation or practice of devotion. We believe that your spiritual life is completely and uniquely yours and we strive to help you put the concept of death and eternity into a context that fits your beliefs.

Hospice and Spiritual Care

Our normal daily assumptions about there being a tomorrow will one day come into conflict with the fact that this mortal life will come to an end. This can cause shock, disbelief and anger.  Our Chaplains are especially trained to help clients and their families work through these issues to find love, forgiveness and, most importantly, Hope.

HealthSense Hospice provides a variety of programs for Spiritual Care, which can include the following:

  • Person-to-person support: a personal visit may be requested from our Spiritual Care Team. We are available for personal contact, counseling, companionship, or conversation.
  • Family concerns: relationships often become stressed in end-of-life situations. We will work in a sensitive and caring manner with each person and each situation.
  • Direct cooperation with local clergy: our Spiritual Care programs are not intended to replace your relationship with your local community of faith. We are happy to work in closely with your clergy and can provide referrals to local religious or spiritual groups.
  • Educational support groups: we provide a safe and supportive place for people to explore questions of meaning and purpose with each other, to learn from each other about ways to cope and heal, to learn various “spiritual disciplines,” and to form new friendships.
  • Written resources: we have a library of materials available that can help you understand and follow your spiritual journey.
  • Your journey, your privacy, your trust are sacred to us. We will participate as much or as little as you want.


Rev. Eric Whitfield, MCPC, Chaplain and Bereavement Coordinator

Eric has lived in Round Rock with his wife, Kris for almost 30 years.  They have two children and four grandchildren.  Eric graduated from the Seminary of the Southwest with a Masters in Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care and has completed the rigorous one-year residency in Clinical Pastoral Education that is required of APC Board Certified Chaplains.  He has worked in hospitals and in hospice for years and is an experienced leader of grief support groups.  Eric is leading Health Sense Hospice into the VA’s We Honor Veterans program. He is an ordained, endorsed and commissioned minister of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and is familiar with and respectful of all forms of faith.

You can read Eric’s Chaplain’s Corner on this website and on our Facebook page.

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